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PIC OF THE WEEK • 8/8/10-8/14/10


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August 9, 2010


Happen to be around in Vegas this month? Then you don't want to miss meeting Adult Film Legend and current BEAR cover model CAESAR who will be appearing for a BEAR Magazine and 2011 Butch Bear Calendar signing this August 20 at Get Booked adult store, 9pm-10pm! Teddy Mark, BEAR photographer, will also be lurking around. Get Booked, 4640 South Paradise Road #15, Las Vegas, NV 89169. See you there, studs!

August 6, 2010


We're not exactly sure WHAT this photo is all about and what Josh was doing, but it's definitely an amusing outtake inbetween scenes of a recent Butch Bear movie. Perhaps Josh was practicing for the next act. Or he was trying it out for his next live stage performance. Or, he was simply looking for more attention. We suspect the latter, but he doesn't need to lock himself in a cage to get noticed. To be honest, his cock is just too damn big to ignore!